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Welcome to Glendale Enterprises, where everything is better!

We produce seeds primarily for wildlife habitat enrichment, but we specialize in CHUFAS for this purpose. We also grow numerous varieties of BAMBOO for multiple purposes, and VELVET BEANS for mulitple and medicinal purposes (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's). We are your WIL-GROW chufa farmers. We have been growing seeds for wildlife habitat for about a gazillion years...or some such span of time.


0k, so you've punched up CHUFA. Congratulate yourself for knowing a word that, in a recent survey, only 6.34% of literate Americans have even heard, much less know the meaning of. What a strange word, with an equally strange etymological history that doesn't seem to connect at all with what it is. The word comes from Old Spanish, chufar, chuflar, to hiss at, laugh at. But what a chufa is, is an edible tuber from a simple plant. When freshly dug and full of moisture, it resembles a squirrel-sized mountain oyster, and when dried, it looks like a dusty brown, wrinkled raisin. Who in his right mind gets ticked off...or tickled at...the sight of a miniature mountain oyster or a giant brown raisin? Then there are folks who use chufas as bait for carp.

Another, special use for the chufa, in this case called "tiger nuts", the partially dried nuts are used as an offering to the deities in Caribbean and related religions, in some cases part of a fertility/sexual ritual.

Another finding in the survey was that of the 6.34% who knew the word chufa, only 84% knew what it was and what it was good for. And it may not surprise you to know that 93.7% of those who did know belonged to a special group of people. Which means, incidentally, that more likely than not, you belong to that group: that you are here not to find out what a chufa is, but where to get some. You've come to the right place.

Contact Information:
Telephone: 850-859-2141
Address:     297 Railroad Avenue, DeFuniak Springs FL 32433
Email:          John Wilkerson  

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